Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Project symbiosis
 I make project symbiosis 
  symbiosis = the live together of two dissimilar living . 

Three type of symbiosis
  1. Parasitism
 2. Mutualism
 3. Commensalism
 Is a relationship between two
organism where one is usually
harmed and the other gets
benefits from the relationship.
  Example :
Other tree and parasite
Mosquito  and human

 Symbiosis that is benefits to
both organism involved

 Example :
Protozoa in the termite gut and gut
Bacteria in legume root ganglia and   
Nodule legumes

Is an association between
two organisms in which one benefits
and the other derives neither benefit nor harm.

Buffalo and bird (acridotheres)
Big tree and bird

I feel happy in project. 

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